Some Practical Advice on How to Grow Your Online Business

While we’re talking about the concept of “new normal” these days, trying to survive this pandemic tidal wave in terms of business is becoming a lot trickier. One thing is for sure: online business is not “a new normal”, it’s just normal. It’s been a while since people got tired(ish) of waiting in lines to pay for something, or it’s just that work-life balance hit hard: we have to decide where we spend our time, and queuing doesn’t count as quality time. 

These are the times for online business.

Let’s start out with some general pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t copy famous businesses: follow their model, but use your story and your voice.
  2. Don’t try to be everyone’s cup of tea, because you’ll end up being no one’s. Have a niche, and find the audience for that specific niche. Your online marketing depends on it, and your business depends on your online marketing. It’s important. 
  3. Have the best possible website, like the ones created by the design experts at a web design company in Houston, Texas
  4. To that end, leverage social media, still, make sure your website is the pillar of your online business. Using other’s platforms is brilliant, but make the foundation yours.
  5. Create a digital marketing plan
  6. Focus, work hard, and keep going. Don’t be afraid to succeed, and don’t give up. 2 P’s: Patience and perseverance.

Two Other Important Points to Consider 

First and foremost, it’s trust. Ask yourself: how do you know you can trust an online shop? Is it because of social proof, i.e. testimonials, a large banner saying how many satisfied customers the shop has served, or maybe user experience (comments and reviews)? Go after those qualities. But there are some businesses that don’t have any of the said, yet you intuitively trust them. They seem professional. Their product description is honest and thoughtful. Go after those qualities, as well. 

Then, there’s a safety issue, in terms of confidentiality. Test those thoroughly, fix whatever infrastructure needs fixing, and do it often: links that are broken, privacy issues, imagery, and description that is not aligned with reality. Moreover, make sure the trust seals are visible at the checkout, showing your customers that their finances are safe with you. 

Trust and safety are two significant factors for business growth, due to the simple fact that ANY human relationship is based on the two.

Trust is fueled further by your company’s story: for me, I always check the “About…” page when checking some business. Even just for fun. It is relatable to read the success stories and anecdotes of others, even more so if they are largely successful. It also adds to the authenticity, which also draws people closer to you. 

The Importance of SEO

SEO is your passport to virtual (omni)presence, and in time, your business growth. You want your products or services to be seen easily and quickly. This is by no means a quick strategy, it takes time and continuous effort, but it is essential. 

When it comes to your website, make sure your products have SEO-friendly names so that they appear before others. Do thorough keyword research for those, and utilize them in strategic meta-descriptions. Great power lies in keywords, don’t waste it. 

Have a powerful blog on your website, as well, with appropriate, appealing, problem-solving content, and update it regularly. 

The Three Requirements

1. The website needs to be quick. People’s attention span has shortened significantly and you’re about to lose the potential customers if your page fails to load in a couple of seconds.

2. The website absolutely needs to be mobile-friendly. It’s staggering how many of them fail to meet the criterion. Many people research/compare/decide/buy from their mobiles, so it’s unacceptable not to have the scalable version.

3. The checkout part needs to be optimized as well. People don’t have time to queue in real stores, so they move online. If they have to do the same, they’ll change the store. This means you have to shorten and simplify the procedure as much as possible, so much so that the least tech-savvy person can complete it successfully. Test it for free with your older family member.

Last Musings

There are only so many business activities that cannot be repeated with the same customer and that require a constant hunt for customers: for example, the wedding and funeral industry. Even for those, referral goes a long way. 

For most other businesses, old customers are true gold, and therein lies the gist of a customer-business relationship. Nurture that relationship through various forms of online marketing, and try to attract new leads as well. 


Innumerable online businesses are competing to be seen on various search engines, mostly Google. 

What you need to sustain your business, and eventually grow it is godly stoicism, unshakable tenacity (even when the road gets bumpy- and it will), and of course, a proven and efficient online business strategy. 

That’s your online business growth cocktail. Shaken, not stirred. 

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.


Why You Need a Digital Marketing Plan in 2020

When you need to reach a destination, you must select the right direction because oftentimes there is only one way to reach a destination. The path you choose is important to reach destination. 

Every business strives to maximize profit and sales. Planning is critical when you want to raise your market share. An internet marketing specialist can craft a killer plan for you. 

How important is it to have a digital marketing plan when you are doing internet marketing? This article explains the importance of a digital marketing plan in 2020

This post is for you if you are doing or want to do digital marketing. 

Understanding Digital Marketing Plan

A marketing plan outlines tricks and tactics using which a firm achieves its promotion goals. All sorts of businesses should have a marketing plan to deliver their message to their potential buyer. 

Digital marketing also requires a plan that can be devised by a digital marketing expert. A marketing plan can have a dedicated digital marketing plan portion or firms can make their digital marketing plan. 

A marketing plan is a combination of methods using which a business can convey its message with its true audience. A good marketing plan can keep businesses move in the right direction. 

If you are planning to start internet marketing, you should first make a digital marketing plan. For professional help, you can contact a digital marketing specialist.

Importance of Digital Marketing Plan in 2020

Though traditional marketing is not changing at a fast pace, internet marketing has been changing rapidly. More and more companies are turning to social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing. That is why the competition between businesses is increasing on the internet. 

It is not easy nowadays to effectively promote products and services on the internet. People do not want to see or watch ads unless they are too engaging or creative. In situations like these, businesses have to sit and make a clever plan of action that incorporates ways that can deliver promising results. 

Reasons to Have a Plan for Digital Marketing 

There are several benefits that businesses can get by making and following a good digital marketing plan. Do not worry if you do not know how to make this document. You should consult a digital marketing specialist if you want to get an amazing digital marketing plan. 

It keeps you focused 

Having a plan of action is always helps marketing people at it makes them stick to necessary functions. Make sure this document has personalized details that suit your business. 

It improves targeting 

A good plan has a dedicated portion where the demographics of the target audience are elaborated. This way, digital marketing specialists stay focused and target the true audience. 

It makes you competitive 

If you are not an innovative business, you must have many competitors who are striving hard to grab a bigger market share. You need to come up with a better plan than rivals. 

It ignores unnecessary functions 

By having a killer digital marketing plan, you stay focused on necessary marketing activities. This way, you do not get involved in unimportant and unnecessary promotional activities. 

It guides you throughout the process

This plan includes goals and objectives that keep you stay focused. You will be able to measure progress through various online tools. It is possible to optimize your progress by incorporating best practices. 

Last Word About Digital Marketing Plan

We can conclude that digital marketing has become competitive and having a detailed digital marketing plan can help achieve marketing goals fast. If you are planning to start internet marketing, you should first make a digital marketing plan. For professional help, you can contact a digital marketing specialist.

This post might have helped you if you have plans to do digital marketing for your business. If you are already doing online promotion of your business or you intend to do it in the future, you should craft an intelligent digital marketing plan based on in-depth research and detailed analysis of your business. 

I hope you learned new stuff here. How good was your learning experience? If you have any suggestions for improvement of this post, please do not hesitate to share with us. 

I wish you all the best with your digital marketing and business growth goals. 

Home Improvement

5 Amazing Tips to Save On-house Painting Costs

Everybody adores a new layer of paint whether it is on the outside or inside of the home. It shows up of the home look more splendid and livelier. However, regardless of whether you are employing an expert or taking the venture on yourself, painting activities can be costly. Seeking professional advicecan help you in different ways. At Dallas Paints interior painting cost can be easily estimated as they have numerous professional experts who can help you in your painting project even with low budgets.

So how would you keep your home putting its best self forward while not spending an excessive amount to get it repainted? Continue perusing to discover!

1. Seek offers from Different Professionals: 

Before recruiting a painter, get various assessments, Freeman says. Find suggested painters from companions, or search at Painting and Decorating Contractors of America for part painters close to you who are authorized, where required, and guaranteed. 

Request that a painter determine how much time will be spent on arrangement and on painting, names of items to be utilized, what number of coats will be applied and the expense for any extra covers. 

2. Utilize an agreement for Better Trust:

Presently, settle on sure you get your understanding recorded as a hard copy. Freeman incorporates time gauges for every part of the activity. You should always consider an agreement signed before starting off the painting job.

3. Do all or a portion of the work yourself:

You can spare a pack by doing the work yourself. The greatest DIY cost is paint. Different costs incorporate purchasing or leasing supplies and hardware, similar to caulk, preliminary, brushes, rollers, canvases and stepping stools or framework. Freeman exhorts applying paint with brushes, not a sprayer. 

In case you’re employing a painter, inquire as to whether you can lessen the expense of work by carrying out certain responsibilities yourself. For instance: 

Cutting bushes:

Moving furnishings and clearing an edge for painters to work 

Evacuating and reinstalling the outlet covers, switch plates and door handles 

Prep work like fixing, sanding and scratching, on the off chance that you have the right stuff 

4. Try not to stand by too long to even think about repainting:

Try not to hold up until you see stripping or chipping paint. 

5. Trim the extent of the activity:

Prior to marking the agreement, glance through it for approaches to trim parts of the activity that aren’t imperative to you. For instance, you may do without repainting roofs or storage room insides, to save money on paint and work. 

6. Contemplate shading:

By recoating your current shades as opposed to evolving hues, you may pull off one layer of paint instead of two, if the surface is inacceptable condition. 

Additionally, maintain a strategic distance from profound hues, or use them on trim or accents, Bancroft says. Splendid reds and yellows may require four or five coats to cover well, so on the off chance that you should utilize them, pick premium paints to take care of business with less covers. 

More obscure hues look incredible on outsides yet they blur sooner than lighter hues, so you’ll need to repaint all the more regularly. “You can be more brave and intense within than you ought to be outwardly,” Bancroft says. “On the off chance that you need to have a fire-motor red entryway, you can paint that like clockwork and it very well may be new and vivacious.”

The greatest expense is labor. A large portion of the painter’s time is spent setting up the surface so the paint will follow well and the activity will last. Your greatest potential investment funds originate from controlling or diminishing how much time an expert painter needs to spend on cleaning, fixing, sanding, caulking, and painting.


Easiest Way to Clean Steering Wheel Leather

Most of us are oblivious to the amount of dirt and bacteria that accumulates on the steering wheel of our car. Since your hands frequently come in contact with the steering wheel, it can house multiple forms of bacteria and germs. This can prove to be extremely dangerous because it assists in the spread of disease and infections. You may also want to clean your steering wheel if you plan to sell car in Dubai as doing so can help you get the best value. Here’s a guide by the experts at CarSwitch.comon how to keep your steering wheel clean and germ-free! 

Supplies you will need:

To properly clean the steering wheel of your car, you will need the following supplies: a small quantity of distilled water, a good quality dishwashing soup, a small piece of microfiber cloth. You will also need soft cotton cloth, a leather conditioner, a small sized bucket. Although not necessary, it is also advised to use a leather disinfectant and some leather cleaning wipes.

First Step:

The first step involves focusing on sterilizing the leather. You should begin by mixing together some distilled water and a cleaning agent that’s suitable for your steering wheel leather. It is important to use distilled water instead of normal one because distilled water has no impurities and it will not wear out the leather unlike normal tap water. You may also use a disinfectant specifically designed to sterilize leather. A leather disinfectant usually contains water, small quantities of alcohol and non-alkaline components. Next, you should wet a soft cloth with some solution of the mixture you just prepared. Then, gently wipe the surface of the steering wheel. You should not rub the cloth too hard since it can cause wear and tear of leather. 

Second Step:

The next step involves restoring the oils present in the leather. After you have successfully sterilized the leather with a disinfectant solution, you will need to apply a layer of protective oil that’s suitable for leather. This oil will keep your leather soft and retain its properties longer. You shall use a leather conditioner that has some amount of sunscreen in it because it will shield the steering wheel against excessive sunlight. Apply some leather conditioner on your clean hands, and rub it over the steering wheel. You should ideally let the conditioner sit for about half an hour before wiping it away with a microfiber cloth. 

It is important to regularly clean your steering wheel. Ideally you should sanitize your steering wheel twice every month using a leather conditioner. Whenever you clean the steering wheel it is important to use a leather conditioner to replenish the oils present in the conditioner.

Consider cleaning the steering wheel regularly in summers since accumulation of sweat can be a hub for bacteria and germs. You should also clean and sanitize your steering wheel after long journeys or when somebody other than you has driven your car. Cleanliness is of utmost importance in maintaining both your and your car’s health. 

Looking for the best and most convenient way to sell car in Dubai? Be sure to check out which provides an enhanced car selling experience!