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Small Additions That Work Great In Your Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom doesn’t have to be rocket science. The accessories and elements you use in your living room or kitchen can also do wonders in your bedroom space. Surprised? Yes, you heard it right! Several elements are equally functional and appealing to be used at multiple places in your home. Want to know more? Read on to explore these surprising accessories that can lend your bedroom space a dreamy look. 

1. Replace bedside sconces or study table lamps with mini pendants 

There is no hard and fast rule that pendant lights can only be used in kitchens and dining areas. Hanging them in your bedroom above each of the nightstand adds both beauty and practicality to your space. It spares a lot of table space for you to keep your essentials including an alarm clock, books, magazines, and stationary. Apart from this, you have appreciable brightness for comfortable reading in the bedroom.

2. Swap bench at the foot of the bed with a chaise lounge:

A chaise lounge is a luxurious addition to your bedroom. Replacing the conventional table with it will fill your room with an inviting aura. Placing a chaise lounge at the bed foot is will add elegance as well as functionality. You can rest extra pillows, blankets, or lay your clothes or footwear to be worn the next day.

3. Bring in a beautiful multi-functional ottoman:

Ottomans are a new décor staple. These sturdy cushions that are often used as a footrest in the living room can also be used to deck up your bedroom. They are easy to move and offer your ample storage to stash extra sheets and blankets. Additionally, these double up as a vanity chair, bedside table, and extra seating. 

4. Swap artwork above your headboard with patterned curtains

A patterned curtain can create an enchanting background for your bed. It adds depth to your bedroom interiors and makes it visually attractive. For the same effect, you can also consider using a piece of luxurious carpet, patterned blanket, or fabric. Start the process by checking the carpet price online.

5. Use a bar cart as a bedside table: 

Most of the bar carts feature the same heights as nightstands. As such, the bar carts can also be used as nightstands. Along with providing storage, the bar carts create a sense of display. Occupied with plants, books, and water decanter the bar cart looks amazingly beautiful in the bedroom.

6. For a bold lighting option; use a modern arc floor lamp: 

Modern arc floor lamps that you often use in your living room can be used to create a reading nook in your bedroom. These lamps beautifully stand as the above-the-bed light source. If you don’t have options to suspend ceiling lights arc floor lamps are the best option.

Last but not least- use your sleek and long entryway table as a vanity. Just hang an impressive mirror above it and you are all done!


Some Perks of Adopting HIIT Workout Routines

HIIT consists of exercises of very short intervals between the exercises. It may include a high-intensity exercise for a very short interval along with the same exercise with low intensity for a long time in a sequence. For example, if you are doing an exercise like running or cycling, you will continue it for the first few seconds or a minute with so much intense pressure and then continue to do it slowly.


HIIT can provide you with many benefits that would provide you with productive results.


After so many studies done on HIIT compared with the old and traditional exercises, it has been observed that HIIT lets your body to lose weight much faster as compared to the other exercise. Why is it so?

It is due to the reason that in HIIT, you do a high-speed workout with immense pressure and intensity for a few seconds, followed by a more extended period of workout with low intensity. This leads to almost a similar rate of exercises done for a shorter period.  

You are doing the same exercises with more intensity; that is why the time in HIIT is shorter than the other exercises.  The more quality than quantity takes HIIT to another level, eventually increasing the blood circulation and metabolism system. Therefore, the loss of calories is way more in HIIT as compared to the traditional exercises. Young black man taking a rest after fast running workout while listening music with headphones


As HIIT needs to move every single part of your body with so much intensity, therefore the metabolism system of your body is increased a lot. 

It is so because you perform HIIT for 30 minutes with highly intense pressure which makes your metabolism work faster. It has also been proved that this intense exercise enables your metabolism system to work at such a fast rate for almost a day after a 30 minutes exercise. 


HIIT is considered mostly for a fast weight loss as compared to the other processes. The process of muscle building usually is done in the other weight gaining exercises in a better way as compared to HIIT, but if you perform HIIT, you are also able to gain the right muscle mass too. 

People with a slow start in the HIIT process usually end up in more mass building for muscles as compared to the person who is more active in the beginning. HIIT will directly build up the muscles that are usually more used in the exercises. 


A reasonable increase in the metabolism rate will eventually rise the increased loss of calories. This will surely help you lose weight much faster as compared to the other exercises. 

Other exercises and diet plans are also beneficial, but due to a high-intensity exercise and fast moves, you lose your fats and overall weight faster.

The most important thing to note in HIIT for the people who are obese or overweight, it is very useful as it enables you to lose weight in a short period. The people who want to lose weight faster HIIT is the most effective workout for them. Young black man doing workout routine at morning time while running outdoor

Therefore, we can say that HIIT can be very effective if a person is trying to lose weight faster. It can also be very beneficial for persons who want to increase their metabolism rate. 

There are benefits for the persons who want an excellent improvement in their heart rate, blood pressure, and the persons who have diabetes. 

HIIT is recommended to all people but especially to those who want quick results on their workouts, overall body health, and want to stay active. It is so because you can gain the best results in your body in a very short time period.