8 Water Adventures You Should Never Miss In Canada

Canada is enriched with natural wonders, beautiful waterways, iconic historical landmarks, archaic architectural marvels, ancient waterways, and magnificent mountains. 

If you’re planning your next trip to Canada, there are certain hidden gems and popular hotspots that should definitely make a way into your bucket list. 

Excited to know which destinations we are talking about? Stay tuned!

8 Water Adventures You Should Never Miss In Canada 

Visit The Famous Kayaking Spots At Vancouver

The beautiful shoreline and the natural backdrop make Vancouver a paradise for kayaking. What can be better than enjoying the magnificent scenery while getting some workouts done? 

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Vancouver is the home to a myriad of kayaking ports. But the first and the most enticing place you should make way into your bucket list is False Creek. Ride through the tranquil waters to get to the downtown core.

You can also enjoy some spectacular waterside views of Olympic Village, Science World, and rustic, serene floating homes. 

If you’ve just been introduced to the boat culture in Canada, Deep Cove should be your next destination. The placid bay offers various fun activities and picturesque scenic interests for beginners. 

If you love to explore the views of the city and mountains on a boat ride, then English Bay is your spot. Situated only ten minutes from Vancouver, this kayaking location is a personal favorite of both budding boaters and professional sailors. 

Explore The Toronto Harbourfront

If you love the urban gateways, Tronto Harbourfront must always make a way into your list. Relish the charismatic sunset scenes while getting a good arm workout with kayaking or boating along the Harbourfront.

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The best part? The water activities aren’t the only thing you can enjoy at the Toronto Harbourfront. Don’t forget to indulge in the following fun things to make your journey truly memorable:

  • Have coffee at Boxcar Social Harbourfront
  • Check out a festival at the Harbourfront Centre
  • Visit the Power Plant Art Gallery
  • Check out the Instagram-worthy Peacock’s Tale mural
  • Pick up Canadian-made goodies at the Harbourfront Centre Shop
  • Sip cocktails on SOCO’s rooftop bar
  • Eat sushi at Miku Restaurant

Also, these famous restaurants in the location are worth giving a shot:

  • Kibo Sushi House
  • Rolltation well-known for Poke bowls
  • Kinton Ramen
  • Kinka Izakaya
  • Miku

Experiencing life on waters, delicious cuisines, and good music- sounds like the perfect vacation!

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Try SUP At Deep Cove Vancouver

After Toronto, Vancouver has now become a hotspot for standup paddleboarding in the country. The wide stretch of coastline, peaceful waters, and spectacular scenery make Vancouver a perfect spot for SUP.

Featuring outstanding accessibility up Indian Arm, Deep Cove will surely mesmerize you with the enticing landscape, calm waters, and excellent instruction for a smooth waterful day. If you want to voyage through a more vibrant setup, head to False Creek to explore the unique, rustic floating homes on the shoreline. 

Go Fishing At Vancouver Islands

The waters at the coast of Vancouver Island are home to incredibly enriching biodiversity. Renowned as the treasure trove of marine animals, humpback whales, dolphins, orcas, seals, porpoises, and even sea lions are common in the Vancouver Islands. 

Whether you’re a professional sports fisherman or in the learning phase, the waters of this region will never disappoint you. Put your fishing skills to the test! Rent a fishing boat from an online venue for kayak and jetski rental in Vancouver. Enjoy a barbeque with your catch!

Nootka Sound and Esperanza inlet have been one of the most extravagant fisheries on Vancouver Island! The majestic mountains tucked away in dense wilderness border these deep protected inlets and a myriad of sheltered bays and coves offering endless fishing opportunities.

Take A Historic Ride Down The Lachine Canal

Montreal is celebrated as a historical gem in Quebec city, reminiscing a fine flair of the exquisite French culture. Boasting a vast tapestry of waterways, Lachine Canal is one of the most popular spots for boating enthusiasts. 

Explore the iconic culture of Montreal. Rent a boat or kayak from an online venue for boat and jetski rental in Montreal. Take a historical tour down the mysteriously enchanting Canal Lachine. 

Enjoy Water Activities At Îles-De-Boucherville National Park in Montreal

Want a perfect combination of sports and nature? Visit the Îles-De-Boucherville National Park. Water activities are the most invigorating attraction here since the park is encircled by pristine waters.

Rent your craft from an online venue for boat and jetski rental in Montreal. You can kayak through a stretch of 8 kilometers of marked waterways along the park’s natural canals. 

Cruise Along The St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River and the famous 1000 Islands are popular destinations for boaters and sailors. The mesmerizing scattered islands, a plethora of anchorages, and shore-side indigenous communities are worth exploring. 

This river extends around 800 miles, divided into three large sections starting from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic. From Lake Ontario to Quebec is the freshwater section. 

Take A Mystical Boating Tour To Lake Memphremagog

Magog is located in southeastern Quebec, approximately 120 kilometers from Montreal. The lake Memphremagog is situated just beside the city. 

The 32 miles long pristine lake boasts a beautiful shoreline and verdant hills. Although the harbors are generally busy, the vast expanse of the lake makes the entire ambiance calm and peaceful.  

Since the weather in the region remains changing, it is recommended to check the prevailing weather conditions when you rent a boat from an online venue for jetski rental in Montreal or anywhere nearby. 

The most interesting part? A legend says that Lake Memphremagog is the home of an amphibious monster, Memphré. Sounds enthralling, right?

Get, set, ready for an exciting Canadian holiday. You can get more interesting articles on the watercraft menu and party boat here.