A Google Set Up for Interconnectivity in Your Home

The global favorite search engine Google has, over the past decade, ventured into different fields. They’re into advertising, software development, and even the production of their own electronics and smart devices. 

Of all this, Google’s Nest series has been one of the best to introduce smart products into the domestic market, with smart products that are affordable, and feature the ability to automate your home. So a smart home isn’t merely just a concept anymore, it can be your reality. 

Google’s smart products serve as the gateway that could provide interconnectivity within your home, something that would otherwise not have been possible years ago. Here’s how you can have that Google set up at home. 

Devices for a Google Set Up In Your Home 

If you already have a Google email account, then that’s already the first step that you’ve got covered. And of course who doesn’t have a Gmail account in today’s day? Anyway, here are some of Google’s devices that can set your home up to be categorized as a Smart Home – and also provide interconnectivity to ease the control and access to all connected devices. 

1. Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display

The Nest Hub Max as its name suggests, resembles more of a standard tablet, like the Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tablets – with a 10-inch screen in HD. With a smart display and built-in Google Assistant, this device can serve as the control center of your home. It can connect to all other smart devices around the premises and homeowners can access the individual apps and control settings of each device from the Nest Hub Max itself. 

What’s more is that the screen can display your calendar and reminders (for every individual of the household), look up commute routes and weather forecasts, and even be used to stream videos or music on YouTube and other music apps. 

Given that the Google Assistant is featured in the Nest Hub Max already, it can also provide hands-free control. So you won’t even have to search for the app when you can simply ask Google to open up your calendar for the week to go through what you have scheduled. And just like that you can turn off the smart thermostat, or switch on the kitchen lights with the device too. 

It also has Chromecast preinstalled, a salient feature that not a lot of smart devices include. With this, you can cast the small screen onto your Smart TV at home and enjoy movies or watch videos over the big screen.

2. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router 

Of course, to sustain a smart home or even just smart devices, they must be connected to a Wi-Fi source, since they require around-the-clock internet connectivity. But what do you do when your router does not have good coverage? And Wi-Fi signals get blocked because of things like the wall or the furniture or doors?

That is why the Nest Wi-Fi Router is the best! It would help maintain the interconnectivity of all smart devices within your home given that it can connect up to multiple devices simultaneously and cover up to 2200 square feet with seamless internet connectivity. Say bye to all the lagging and buffering issues! 

3. Google Nest Audio

We know that the Nest Hub Max features Google Assistant but should you not want to get a tablet and would prefer something smaller instead, then the Nest Audio is just the right device for your home. A smart speaker that features the Google Assistant voice assistant to enable voice control over any and all connected devices. 

Considering it doesn’t feature a screen and is just a small speaker, it delivers rich sound with more bass than any other Google Home device. It’s not just perfect to play your music, but Google Assistant can also help with controlling your other connected devices. And it doesn’t even require any sort of installation, instead, it just has to be plugged into any power outlet. 

But what’s more, is that it doesn’t just work solo, you can connect it to other Nest speakers and Chromecast devices to serve as an additional source of sound. 

How Reliable Is This Network

Google values user privacy so with each device mentioned above, and others, there are privacy settings that users can set according to their preferences. For instance, you can erase your search history of Nest Audio. Similarly, the Nest Wi-Fi Router offers the option to activate privacy on certain devices, on specific content, and add time restrictions similarly. So to answer the question of whether these devices are reliable and trustworthy with our personal information, then yes they are. 

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