Expert Advice on How to do Villa Renovations

Owning a Villa in Bangalore is one of the best feelings in the world! Not only are you proud owners of a big house but you’re also in one of the best metropolitan cities in the country! No doubt that owning a great bungalow is an amazing feeling but there are also some cons to this! If you’re wondering if I am talking about Villa renovations, then you’re very right! In this blog, I am going to tell you everything you need to know if you’re planning a villa renovation!

Factors to Consider Before Renovation of Villa

Budget: The first thing you should be sure about when you decide to modernise a villa is your budget! This is important because a lot of the factors will depend on how deep your pockets are! 

Phases: The other important thing you should decide before planning anything is if you wish to complete the renovation of villa all at once or in phases. 

Important Tips for Villa Renovations to Make Your Planning Easy

For many of the villas in Bangalore, there comes a time once every 4-5 years where you have the urge to change and spice up the main place you’re living in. While it can be a tough thing to plan this blog will shed some light on how to go ahead and plan the villa renovations in the most perfect way!

A. Upgrade the Façade

A façade is the most important “outside” look of the villa so it’s no surprise that when talking about renovations, the first thing you should take care of upgrading the façade is your house! One of the go-to things is to apply a fresh paint-job to the exterior walls of the villa.  

B. Kitchen Renovation

Whether you are a die-hard foodie or not, the kitchen is the most important aspect of any house and certainly a top priority when it comes to villa renovations. From installing new modular kitchen panels to getting the plumbing checked, there are certainly a lot of things to change up!

C. The Flooring

Another crucial part of the renovation is the flooring of the big villa that you live in! Depending on your liking and budget, you can opt for marble or granite, or even ceramic if you feel fancy.

D. Room Renovation

Last but certainly not least, you will have to plan the renovation of different rooms from the lavish living room to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Despite being the most “private” parts of the villa, they are important as they provide the most peace!