Features of Leading SAFe Certification

Leading SAFe certification provides the individuals with a knowledge of the principles, practices, as well as foundations of SAFe to operate Lean-Agile transformation confidently. Moreover, the certification even renders the tools and guidance needed to progress in remote environments effectively with the teams. In addition, this course helps the students to know how to make SAFe operate within the organization and how to create business agility as well. You would perceive how to merge your whole company with clear goals and at the same time, how to boost the flow of work and value right from strategy to delivery. By pursuing this course, you can also learn the real role of SAFe in enhancing productivity, quality, time-to-market, and employee engagement. Above all, under this certification, you would actually learn how to undertake planning and SAFe alignment events such as PI planning and what makes organizations more customer-centric as well.

Importance of SAFe Principles and Practices

The key importance of SAFe Lean principles is that they offer context for SAFe practices. Moreover, it is crucial to understand these principles so that you would learn to implement SAFe practices in your business context in the right way and also unlock the value of SAFe. In fact, turning to these principles would aid you to adopt the shortest sustainable lead time with the best value and quality to society even when the situation is not completely covered in SAFe guidance.

When you adopt SAFe principles into integrated and proven practices, it combines hundreds of deployments and a huge body of knowledge for application. These principles assist you in discovering solutions to complicated issues and be on the path of constant improvement by implementing them in your own circumstances.

How SAFe is Beneficial?

Individuals having the knowledge of Agile values and principles help in producing products with better speed, collaboration, customer-centricity, and quality. As a matter of fact, it is a system for scaling agile across business units, teams of teams, and even whole organizations. They are quite advantageous in different ways which are as follows:

  • SAFe adopts the extension of agile principles from the team level to portfolios and teams of agile teams that link company strategy to execution and bring efficiencies.
  • It creates Agile’s foundation of values and principles by rendering particular guidance to scale in complex, high-compliance, distributed, and large settings.
  • Moreover, the integration of agile-adjacent principles like DevOps, Lean, and systems offer a continuous and effective improving system that is updated with the latest thinking and practices and customer learnings as well.


Most individuals across the world have admitted the advantages of scaling agile with SAFe and their interesting features which are as follows:

Quality Improvements

One of the key values of SAFe is a built-in quality that spots the significance of involving quality in every step of the project development. It would further benefit companies by making a shift from quality to the responsibility of everyone.

Boost Employee Engagement

Employees look for better ways of working so that they can be happier and more engaged. Moreover, it enhances better employee engagement and helps them to achieve mastery, autonomy, as well as purposes which are quite important for adopting intrinsic motivation. Individuals would get a great knowledge of tools to increase employee satisfaction and reduce burnout.

Enhanced Productivity

The implementation of SAFe in organizations offers a high rise in productivity by empowering teams of teams and high-performing teams to recognize and remove delays, get rid of unnecessary work, improve constantly, and make sure that they are forming the right things in the right way.

Increase in Time-to-market

One of the best features of Leading SAFe is faster time-to-market. With this, reputed companies can fulfill the needs of their customers faster by aligning cross-functional teams of Agile teams around value. Further, it allows effective communication, quicker decisions, good focus on the customer, and smooth operations.

Final Words

Agile development itself is not enough to improve the overall performance of a particular team or department. In today’s digital world, the leading organizations are those with scaled business agility who can launch frequently, react quickly, prioritize the right work, and align their portfolios to market changes and customers. SAFe helps companies to obtain business agility along with an ability to thrive and compete in the digital world by emerging opportunities with innovative solutions and responding quickly to market changes. Therefore, it is very important for individuals to pursue Leading SAFe course who really want to expand their business with scaled agility.