When you organize an event or a promotion you always think about the gift with the brand logo for your customers. Choosing is not that easy: they must be useful, original but not too eccentric, linked to the event’s topic or to the Company you are promoting. But today it’s not enough. To convey an excellent opinion of your brand you must show sensitivity to the most discussed issues of the moment, first of all the protection of the environment that surrounds us. Plastic and disposable items, for example, could hurt the sensitivity of those who receive your gift.

For this reason, eco-friendly promotional items have the absolute priority of choice for the vast majority of Companies.

The world of ecological promotional items is huge but if you want to give a wide visibility to the logo and your goal is to ensure that the object can be used an infinite number of times, the choice is reduced to shoppers, pouches and backpacks.

From here, the search for new fabrics, shapes and types of printing is essential to always propose something original and trendy. Here are some tips on how to orient yourself in choosing the most popular fabrics, among natural and recycled ones.


The demand for items made of biodegradable and recyclable natural fabrics is increasing. In addition to the ecological element, they have other advantages: they can be kept in their natural shade or can be colored, they are resistant and reusable for a long time. Then the ability to print with water-based inks, allows you to create an accessory that really loves the environment. Playing with the sizes and/or weights of the fabric, also adding some accessories like studs or pom poms, you can get an original solution for any type of promotion.

According to their peculiarities, you can choose between different natural fabrics, among the followings:

Canvas: generally made up of cotton fiber, but also hemp or linen, is a strong and ductile material, maybe the most used for the realization of promotional shopping bags. Allows an all over print on the entire surface. It is very beautiful even if left unfinished, so as to bring out its natural color.

Jute: wide knitted fabric with rough, rigid and very resistant yarn. Allows logo printing with one or two colors, but not an all over print. There is the possibility to work on the thickness of the yarn, to obtain a very rigid or softer object, depending on the needs.

Juco: textile fiber obtained from a mix of jute and cotton for greater resistance than cotton but with a less rough weft than jute. Smooth surface to the touch allows a more defined print, impossible to obtain with the jute.

Bamboo: natural fiber obtained from the bamboo plant, soft to the touch and resistant. As canvas material, it can be customized at will.


Then there are items entirely made up of recycled plastic.

Those that since some times ago were mineral water bottles can be transformed into something new that, in an infinite virtuous re-cycle, can become beautiful eco-friendly shopping bags. It is the recycled PET, commonly shortened as RPET.

The RPET shopping bags, for example, can be of different types and can be adapted to many requests, depends on the print you have to do and the structure you want, if you prefer a soft or rigid bag.

You can therefore choose between:

  • RPET non-woven and non-laminated: allows a full color printing with a matt effect and it is soft to touch. The bag built with this type of RPET won’t have a rigid structure. 
  • RPET fabric with matt or glossy laminate: allows any type of high quality printing. The bag you get will have a rigid structure.
  • RPET Polyester: it has the same consistency as normal PET polyester. The structure of the bag remains in this case inconsistent and lends itself to be folded becoming pocket.

The other material used for a long time but still very much in demand is the NON-WOVEN.

NON-WOVEN is a recycled and recyclable material like RPET (both are obtained from polypropylene through a thermoplastic pressing process) and like this, it can be subjected to a process of “lamination” glossy or matt, to obtain a more elegant product with brighter colors.

Both fabrics are washable, affordable and have a considerable resistance to weight, making it ideal for their use in the non-woven shopping bags production.

Now it’s up to you, make the best choice for your brand! The best web site to be visited for this kind of solutions is HiGift: it contains over 5.000 promotional items ready to be customized. And if you need instead a tailor-made product you can contact GadgetLab that is dedicated exclusively to big production and import of promotional items from South-East Asia. Just take a look!