How to Travel Responsibly after Covid-19 Pandemic?

It is seen that many people have expected travel will never return back to normal as it seems impossible to travel in pandemic making people value it more. As per George Goyal from Houston, people have noticed that with prohibited travel, there were significant changes such as cleaner air, nature and wildlife, and strong and more united communities at the local and global level. People are getting increasingly aware of the fact that the well-being of humans and the planet are inseparable and it is the best time to bring revolutionary changes. 

George Goyal Houston brings out a few questions such as what will be the future of travel and tourism post-crisis, Will people be able to accept the new normal life and as individuals what can be done to make the traveling matter to the environment and local communities if we ever get the chance to travel again. Hence we are here with a lesson for travelers from the pandemic making people more mindful and responsible in future travel. 

Respect wildlife and get a responsible tour operator

It is seen that around 70% of the deadly zoonotic diseases are spread due to humans much more through the wildlife trade. It can be based on the source showing that the current novel corona virus outbreak actually originated in the wildlife market of Wuhan, China. Also the history has seen many other deadly diseases such as Ebola in the DR Congo and Nipa virus in Malaysia seen in late 1900s are likely due to wildlife trade. The researchers even warn that ocean can be transmitter of diseases that means wildlife trade must be ended to prevent future zoonotic diseases. 

As travelers we need to make a small contribution to the movement by refusing to dine at restaurants serving food using wild animals or buying the souvenirs made from endangered species such as ivory and other mammals or reptile bones and teeth, animal skins or furs, or seashells or corals. Besides boycotting the unethical products prepared out of endangered and wild species we as travelers should also respect wildlife by participating in the ethical experiences. 

De-carbonize travel with eco-friendly transportation

The lockdown faced in many parts of the world show that it is not a good choice to travel to far destinations. The booming trend of travelling internationally has made us blind and as a result we have almost forgot to notice the beautiful places that are much nearer to us. 

Only travelling contributes 8% of the global CO2 emission and it forces us to think about the way many have travelled before. Did we ever noticed such impacts or more specifically the footprints of the carbon we made while jumping on planes to have short haul travel? The lockdown made us aware of the fact that air pollution can also be solved by limiting the travelling. So this is the time when we need to rethink about our travel style. 

Protect the environment

We have often seen that environment became much cleaner due to restricted activities in the lockdown including travelling. Oceans, rivers, canals and streets had much less human waste and also the nature started bouncing back. This forces us to think regarding our consumption behaviors before lockdown where we unwittingly harm the environment. Using the reusable bottles, refusing plastic bags and food containers, throwing thrashes in the right places are a few of the basic steps to become more environment lover while travelling. 

Wash hands regularly

The outbreak of corona virus has taught everyone the important of hygiene right from the small step such as disinfecting our hands regularly. As a traveler it is obvious to be present at various public places such as planes, airports, cruises, tourist shuttles, hotels, restaurants and cafes and the tourist attractions where there is accommodation of high possibility of transmitting the disease from person to person if the virus is active. Even though it is impossible to keep the hands bacteria free all the time, washing hands and using sanitizers more often can help to protect yourself and your surroundings from being vulnerable to the disease. 

Select responsible service providers

After making all the considerations and efforts towards becoming more responsible traveler, it is important to select the right service provider who does well to the environment and local communities. Only then you can mitigate the unwanted effects of your travel over the destinations you visit. If you can become more critical while selecting the hotel for stay and restaurant for eating and if you opt for a package tour by opting tour companies that we eco-friendly will make you a responsible traveler. 


History has always witnessed the flexibility of the travel and tourism industry even during the human health crisis. And with coronavirus, it is no surprise that tourism is the leading industry. Since people love to travel, George Goyal Houston brought up various points to consider to travel more responsibly.