How to write the results and discussion section in the manuscript

A good manuscript (research) includes a paper that has two qualities: one, well-written format and second, good studies. Also, research must be short, clear, precise, effective and structured logically. 

The results section of research includes a description of the main research findings while the discussion section includes the data of the result that provide the importance or main points of findings.

In some cases, due to result issue, the reviewer or professor might reject the manuscript in the following cases:

  • The figures or tables do not match
  • Inaccuracy of data
  • Some variables are not reported
  • Overvaluation and undervaluation of the results

To avoid these problems, you can contact a manuscript writing service that will create an organized structure like outlines, subheadings, discussion, results, etc. to make the data, figures, and tables clear and easy to understand.

In the discussion section, outline your thoughts to defend your research and to emphasize the significance of your research. You can use good writing, clear and logical explanations to support your conclusion.

Here below, we have provided a few tips and directions to build and prepare informative results and a discussion section. Also, a professional manuscript writing service also follows this while preparing the manuscript.

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How to Prepare the Results Section

Mostly, the result of your manuscript is based on how you have laid out the methods like your research data used. You can also include information, data, variables, treatment, and analysis of statistics.

You can first analyze, organize and research your data on how important these relationships are in your research. This section is focused on understanding the importance of results that support your research hypothesis. It also includes some supplemental materials when you submit them to the publication.

In case, you feel you are stuck or need any help then you can contact a manuscript writing service who will guide you and offer better ideas.

How to Prepare the discussion section

It is not easy or enough to use tables and figures, as your readers need to be convinced about the importance of findings. You should also support your discussion section by giving away more explanation and data you have found.

A manuscript writing service follows all these tips and process to prepare the best manuscript for you.

So, when the discussion section is prepared, you must ensure that you put all creativity in it and should tell a story through it.

The findings are also based on how you answer the research question and create arguments that support your conclusion.

If you are doing it on your own, then you can divide it into three parts like a professional manuscript writing service do to make the discussion process simple:

1. The beginning part

Start with laying the importance of findings on your new research. The first paragraphs can include the answers that are contained in your introduction section.

2. The middle part

Next, focus on interpretations in the middle part and defend your answers. The strength of your study, limitations, and updates all depends on your review and how you have found the data.

3. The end part

The last part is the conclusion of your study and the importance of your research paper. You have to mention your research and what is your observation in short with the whole scenario. 

What you have to do now?

Be happy, you are getting there. You just have to do a small amount of writing work and you are ready to go from this point ahead. As the result and discussion are cut and dried, so make sure that it is run by all the members and ensure that you haven’t overlooked any point and they are corresponding with your research purpose, methods, and hypothesis.

If you are finding it difficult to do on your own then a manuscript writing service is always available to help you and to make your research look effective.