Why the NO-GI Rash Guards are important for BJJ (Brazilian JIU-JITSU) Training

People who have an interest or practices in the Brazilian JIU-JITSU (BJJ Sports) have significant chances that they will already be familiar with what the ‘Gi’ training is and what it means. However, in case if someone is not familiar with this kind of sport and do not know about the sportswear products, then this blog is for those people. The word ‘GI’ is derived from the “Keikogi” which is a Japanese word, and it means, “To practice clothes”. Moreover, another word within the Japanese language is ‘Kimono’ which means, “Things to wear”. Therefore, the Kimono BJJ Gi`s, BJJ-Gi`s, and BJJ uniform are the names that are used for referring to the comfortable but heavy-duty uniform, which is specifically designed for the practitioners of the BJJ. 

Sportsmen and women wear these uniforms during their professional matches and training sessions. No participant is allowed to participate in the sport`s match without wearing this uniform. The reason behind this is because a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GI is considered as the sacred uniform or attire, which has a history of more than 100 years along with the combat art of an ancient form of the fighting. The BJJ (Jiu-Jitsu) is considered as the historical and closest form of combat sports. This is a fighting art that involves different disciplines of the fighting, which differentiates from one another within the terms of techniques, rules, moves, and even methods of the takedown. 

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Since the BJJ is a ground combat and grappling sport in which one sports person tackle and grapple against the opponents while moving on the mat. For this purpose, the BJJ includes the Rashguards, which have significant importance within the practices of Brazilian JIU-JITSU. If a person looks deeper into the name of rash guards, it is made from two different words; including, rash and guards. Based on the suggested name, the rash guard is referred to as the uniform that is worn to protect from the rashes. This is because when the body of the sportsmen or women repeatedly moves on the mat, there are high chances of getting rashes and scratches. Therefore, sportsmen and women wear the rash guards of the best quality for preventing injuries such as rashes and injuries to their bodies during their practices or sports. These BJJ rash guards are of various types, which are used during the training of BJJ. The guards, including GI rash guards, No-gi, and BJJ Kamino GI rash guards are designed to be worn purposefully during the practices of the BJJ sports. The importance of the BJJ rash guards is identified as a very important within the BJJ sports because the reason is based on the fact, which is in the discipline of the Nogi combat, as this is against the rules of these sports to use the clothes of an opponent for delivering an offensive stance.


 Thus, the Nogi uniform, which includes the shorts and shirts are worn by the players as a compulsory uniform as such type of uniforms have tight grips and are slim fit with the player`s body so that the other player cannot use the clothing for own benefits. 

The rash guards are available in different types; including the sleeveless, short sleeves, and long sleeves. These shirts are made up with the help of comfortable and stretchy fabrics. The importance of these rash guards are prominent, as they’re no kind of regulations and policies, which are required to the players for wearing these rash guards during the tournament matches and practice sessions. Most players prefer to wear and use these clothes for their protection against the cuts and rashes caused by the mats. Therefore, these rash guards help the players, including men and women, to keep themselves safe from the injuries.

Moreover, there are technical features as well, as flexibility, durability, and sweat absorbing are some of the features which a standard uniform is unable to provide. Furthermore, the players don’t have to wear these rash guards if they are playing for the Gi form of the BJJ. However, the players must wear proper rash guards if they are practicing for the Nogi form of BJJ sports.