Surrogate Motherhood in Europe- Benefits, and Costs:

Surrogacy – medical process in which a woman agrees to bear a child for another person who will become the child’s parents after birth. That woman is also called a surrogate mother. Many people turn to Surrogacy due to the inability of some couples to conceive babies. Surrogacy has so many reasons, including the male infertility problems, loss of reproductive organs of the female due to accident, and many others.

Countries that prohibit Surrogacy

Many countries prohibit Surrogacy because they consider it immoral to turn a child into a product and take advantage of the female body.

Surrogacy is strictly prohibited by law in Muslim countries – Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and China. It is also prohibited by law in countries like Sweden, Switzerland, France, Norway, and partially Austria. Some states of America – Arizona, New Jersey, Michigan – also prohibit Surrogacy.

Countries that allow Surrogacy

Surrogacy is allowed in many Australian states of Victoria, Portugal, Canada, the United Kingdom, the US states of New Hampshire, Virginia. It is also allowed legally in Austria and Belgium. Surrogate mother Czech republic/leihmutter tschechien  is not permitted because the Czech Republic strictly prohibits the act of Surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Belgium

Reproductive services have traditionally been of interest in Belgium to residents of France, Monaco, and other French-speaking countries where Surrogacy is prohibited by law. This service in Belgium is only allowed on a non-commercial basis. It seems that the ability to save the surrogate mother’s fee, speak to doctors in the usual language, and territorial proximity should become the determining factors for people having problems with childbirth.

Surrogate mother Belgium/leihmutter belgien can only provide services on a non-profit basis. But the future parents have to pay for the current expenses for groceries, medical care, the purchase of special clothes for the surrogate mother, and other items.

VIP Guarantee Delivery in Belgium

There are an unlimited number of IVF attempts included in this package. It also provides PGD until the birth of a child. The package consists of the birth of a child in a French-speaking country with simplified legalization.

This package costs about EUR 70,000

Services that are Included

  • It is recommended for French-speaking couples.
  • It is a unified legal solution.
  • It ensures the birth of a healthy child.
  • This package in Belgium ensures legal support.

Surrogacy in Austria

According to Austrian law, the mother of a child is the woman who gave birth, regardless of the country and jurisdiction in which fertilization was performed. For couples from German-speaking countries (DACH) and especially for Austrian citizens, it is, therefore, best to go through all the medical stages of the surrogacy program in Ukraine and give birth to a baby in the country of their choice.

 There is a legal contract for the birth of a child and a separate agreement for hospital services to implement a guaranteed program that is concluded with a surrogate mother Austria/leihmutter √∂sterreich. These official documents protect your rights and legally regulate the clinic’s duties and the surrogate mother; the main thing is that the child is born in Austria. Only then are the child’s documents officially confirmed by the current Family and Civil Code.

For further information about Surrogate mother Austria, you can visit the website:

Balance Guarantee Deliveries in Austria

This package ensures a guaranteed IVF + PGD-NGS program in Ukraine and the delivery of a surrogate mother in Austria.

This package costs about EUR 60,000

Services that are included in this package

The services that are included in the package are as follows:

  • It is recommended for couples from German-speaking countries.
  • It ensures the birth of a healthy baby.
  • This package ensures legal support.

Some countries do not allow surrogacy according to their laws and regulations. But it is still in them. Belgium prohibits Surrogacy, but it is conducted in it on a non-commercial basis.