Take Your Family to These Fun Sites when You Live in San Diego

San Diego is one of the top entertainment destinations in the country, so what’s it like to live here as a family?  Whether you have young children or teens, there are countless things to do and see where, and you’ll never run out of fun to have together as a family. 

These are some of the best attractions to visit while you live here and why it’s worth moving for fun. 

Cut Loose At SeaWorld

Although SeaWorld goes in and out of controversies, this SeaWorld offers awesome shows and makes sure to showcase how well cared for the animals and staff are.  Here you can watch dolphins perform tricks and learn about the incredible massive mammals that make fascinating noises while living in the water.  

Your kids will feel inspired to learn more, and you’ll want to come back time and time again! 

Enjoy the Birch Aquarium

If you love wildlife and fish, it’s time to go to an aquarium that lets you feel like you’ve walked into the ocean.  The Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is a massive aquarium and outreach center that focuses on making learning about aquatic animals entertaining and interesting.  Here there are countless hands-on exhibits, fun shows, and interesting animals that you’ll love to watch move through the water.

Go On the Wild Side at the Zoo and Safari Park

Zoos are one of the most thrilling stops for children because they love getting to see the animals they’ve learned about the move and react in real life.  If you go on the Safari Park Tour at the San Diego Zoo, you can get an even closer view of animals like giraffes and watch your children get amazed by these cool animals.

Have Fun in Belmont Park

Belmont Park is more than just lush greenery and beautiful trees: this park covers over 1,200 acres and has countless attractions and fun exhibits to explore.  Balboa Park is one of the oldest public recreation sites in the country, dating back to 1835.  

Here you can check out endless gardens, vegetation zones, walking paths, museums, theaters, zoos, and so much more.  This building is also home to a lot of history, which you can learn about while you explore with your family! 

Is It Worth Moving Here for the Entertainment?

If you’re from a smaller and far more affordable city, you may assume that everything about San Diego is played out of proportion.  It can’t be that entertaining, at least not enough to make up for how pricey San Diego houses for rent are, right?  It truly is worth it.  Living here means you get to give your kids a slice of paradise where the weather is always awesome and there’s always something to do.  What’s better than that?

San Diego is Everything You Could Want! 

Whether you’re moving here for a job opportunity or you want to make sure your kids have the most fun childhood possible, there are countless reasons to move here.  Check out some of these entertaining sites, and you’ll fall in love with San Diego as well!