Android Phone’s Performance

Top 5 Useful Tips to Improve Android Phone’s Performance

Does your phone camera take too long to respond? Do you feel your apps sometimes run slower than usual? If yes, then before you look for upgrading your phone, give heed to this post. 

Android phones are prone to behave sluggish over the time but with some few tips and tricks, you may easily resolve this issue. These expert tweaks are helpful in speeding up your device and make it work smoother and better as earlier.  With manual cleaning steps, here, you will know about the best android phone cleaner app through which you may speed up your device in one tap. So, let’s take a quick glance now. 

5 Useful Tips To Advance Your Android Device

You may improve your phone’s performance with the following 5 easy and simple tweaks. 

  1. Clean Up the Cache Clutter

Cache data is the temporary information that is stored by android to browse websites or function faster. However, the clutter of cache or piling up of cache files in the internal storage impacts the phone performance negatively. An excessive bulging of app cache and system cache reduces the internal storage space and causes lagging or sluggish performance. Thus, keep track and clear the cutter of cache files in a regular interval of time.

Steps to Clear System Cache 

  • Go to Device Settings>> Storage.
  • Tap on Cache Data.
  • Tap on OK to clear Cache.

Steps to Clear App Cache (and how to clear it)

  • Go to Settings of your phone.
  • Tap  on the Storage heading to open its settings page. 
  • Tap the Other Apps option to view a list of all the installed apps of your smartphone.
  • Search for  the application that you want to clear the cache of and tap on it.
  • Tap on the Clear Cache button.
  1. Turn Off The Animations

When you navigate between apps or windows or various menus, you may find beautiful movements called animations. These animations add a polished look to your apps and share an enhanced device experience. But these slick looking animations are not just add on, they drain phone battery and cause slowing down of device. To reduce them or disable them completely, follow these steps.

Steps to Turn Off Animations

  • Navigate to Settings>> About Phone.
  •  Tap on Build Number for seven times. This will enable Developer Option for you.
  • Go back to Settings and Tap on Developer Options.
  • You will find three animations: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale.
  • Turn all these off or Turn anyone of these three options to reduce animations. You may also reduce the duration of animations to speed up your phone. 
  1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Apps

Apps make life easy but too many apps that you don’t use frequently can literally make your phone work slow and unresponsive. Thus, experts always advise uninstalling apps that are not necessary or no longer useful. 

Steps to Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

  • Go to Settings>> Apps
  • Select the apps that you want to remove and tap on the app.
  • Select Uninstall Option and click on OK to confirm.
  1. Update Your Device System Software

Staying updated is important whether it is your wardrobe, knowledge or your smartphone. In the case of android devices, updating ensures that you are running the best available version. It offers bug fixes and updates your phone with new features which are essential for enhancing performance and speed of your smartphone. 

Steps to Update Android OS

  • Navigate to Settings>> About Phone.
  •  Tap on Software Update and install the available update. 

In addition to it, do check your apps for the regular updates.  You may update your apps by visiting Google Play Store>> My apps & games>> select apps and tap on update. 

  1. Take Control With a Android Cleaner

If you feel hard to remember all aforementioned steps or have no time for manual phone cleaning, you may switch to Advanced Phone Cleaner that deeps clean cache files, boost battery and instantly advances your phone speed. Apart from this, this android phone cleaner app helps in uninstallation of the apps keeping a backup  so that next time when you want to install the same app, you don’t waste your Internet Data but directly install from the apk backup.  Moreover, you may explore many other options with phone cleaner for enhancing battery life and performance.   

That’s it about the top 5 tips for enhancing your smartphone’s performance. Now, just use the manual optimization tweaks or install the best android phone cleaner app to maximize your android device’s performance. Also, do let us know about any other trick you know to speed up your smartphone. Leave your comments below!

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