Travel Restrictions for March 2021 In The United States.

If you are a traveler, Gautam Goyal Houston brings this article for you. Especially if you are planning to travel to the United States, this one is for you. Slowly and gradually, the signs of the pandemic are improving with the vaccination and other treatments across the U.S. and all over the world. 

Gautam Goyal Houston brings the restrictions held in a few of the parts for March 2021 for the travelers who might be planning to visit those places. Let us move ahead and see the list. 


As stated on March 21, Alabama has no statewide travel restrictions for the U.S. visitors. 


The Alaska’s travel restrictions have downgraded to health advisory official guidance that are to be followed by all the visitors voluntarily. The out-of-state travelers no more need to provide a negative test result to get entry but it is strongly suggested to do so. 

  • A second test is also recommended but not required between 4 to 15 days after arriving in Alaska. 
  • The interstate travelers are asked to complete the travel declaration form and also a self-isolation plan through Alaska Travel Portal. 
  • Asymptomatic travelers who have got and recovered from the disease can forgo the test by giving the proof if previously positive result within 90 days of travel. 


As per the updates of March 21, Arizona had not statewide restrictions for the U.S. visitors. But the Native American tribal lands might be having their own restrictions that may be not known. Hence have a proper check before visiting place. 


Even California don’t have any statewide restrictions for the inbound travelers and the Governor’s regional stay-at home was also lifted on January 25 but still some of the local orders remain in effect. 

  • San Francisco’s mandated 10 days quarantine has been lifted. 
  • Santa Clara County’s quarantine order is also lifted. 
  • If we talk about Los Angeles County, the out of state visitors above the age of 16 are asked to fill the online form acknowledging that they have read and understood the travel requirements and advisory. Failure in submitting the form prior or on arrival at Los Angeles airport may result in a punishable fine up to $500. 
  • Those who wish to visit California should continue monitoring the latest restrictions of the destination city. 


The latest update shows that there exist no statewide travel restrictions but the Pitkin County has its own entry requirements. As of March 5, the Traveler Affidavit requirement was changed to Traveler responsibility code. 

  • The people above the age of 10 and who tend to spend one or more nights in the country must complete the traveler responsibility code that simply asks the visitors to acknowledge the travel recommendations and the local public health orders. 
  • While the guidelines are same, the new program needs the visitors to follow the updated travel guidance in lieu of performing the before arrival tests and quarantine requirements. 
  • It is recommended to get tested one to three days before travelling and also reducing the non-essential activities for around seven days after travelling. 


The Governor’s executive order numbered 9S expired on March 19 that lifted the prior requirement that the interstate travelers should quarantine themselves for 10 days or show the negative test results taken within 72 hours of entering the place. 

  • The travelers are suggested to follow the latest travel-related guide and recommendations directly from the Connecticut department of public health. 


As updated on March 21, Delaware had not statewide restrictions for the U.s visitors to visit the place. 


As per the latest updates of March 21, Florida has no statewide restrictions for the U.S. visitors. 

  • On the same day, by getting overwhelmed by the mobs of spring breakers, the Miami Beach has to declare a state emergency imposing 8 p.p. curfew at the South Beach entertainment district. 


Hawaii faces a continuation in the interstate travel restrictions and the rules vary on which island you are visiting even though the lawmakers have currently drafted a bill that might standardize the travel regulations for all the counties. 

  • The pre-travel program requires the passengers to bypass the state’s mandatory 10 days quarantine period along with the NAAT test which is through one of the state’s trusted testing partners within 72 hours of their arrival. 
  • The interisland travelers also have to follow the quarantine restrictions but in some cases it can be opted out. 
  • Travelers are required to upload their test results on the state’s online safe travels form and also complete a health questionnaire within 24 hours of departure. This provides them a QR code to send an email to present on the airport screens on arrival. 


These were a few of the details regarding the restrictions and rules in many parts of countries for travelling purpose by Gautam Goyal Houston.