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Visit Italy with the Help of These Cinematic Masterpieces

While some countries are slowly opening their borders, nobody knows when the world will get back to normal and globetrotting becomes common again. If you had planned on going abroad and tasting fine cuisine and experiencing their culture, it’ll have to take a back seat. Italy is a beautiful country to visit, one you just can’t get enough of. But, the truth of the matter is that all such plans will have to be postponed. What doesn’t have to be delayed, however, is your sightseeing plans. With these cinematic masterpieces, you’ll be able to come close to experiencing the best of Italy from the comfort of your couch. And, when traveling resumes maybe you can take your much-awaited trip. You’ll know exactly what to see. 

The Godfather 

When listing the super hits shot in Italy, The Godfather makes it at the top each time. The movie follows the Corleone crime family, documenting its exploits for ten years. You get to see up close the iconic Vito Corleone, the family patriarch along with Michael Corleone, his son. The film moves between New York and the breathtaking Sicily. One of the most celebrated movies, this is a must-watch for all.  

Under the Tuscan Sun

When one thinks of exploring Italy’s beautiful terrain, Under the Tuscan Sun is the first film to cross our minds. The sultry name promises something beautiful to its viewers and the truth is, it delivers on it as well, each time you watch it. 

The film follows Frances Mayes who packs her bags and sets off to Tuscany after learning of her husband’s affair. Divorce is never easy which is precisely why she sets of on this soul searching journey. She buys a derelict villa in the rural areas and she sets up her abode. She also takes a trip to Rome one day where she meets Marcello and it’s like a fire is lit. Will she find love again? Well, she’s in Italy so good things are already happening for her, isn’t it?

Only You

A rom-com that has charmed all who watch it, this movie follows the life of Faith, a high school teacher and a hopeless romantic adamant on finding her second half. She impulsively sets off to Venice. Why? Well to track the man she think she’s destined to marry of course! 

On her way she comes across the dashing Peter Wright who tries to woo her and win her love. This movie then takes you through the beautiful cities of Rome, Tuscany and of course, Venice and you even get to see the breath taking Amalfi Coast. With great Italian music playing in the background, you’ll be able to immerse yourself fully.

Roman Holiday

What is Europe without royalty? Home to some of the oldest monarchies, this continent has a rich history and culture you’re sure to enjoy, especially with Roman Holiday. The story follows Princess Ann, a modern day monarch who sneaks out of her country’s embassy to explore the splendor that Rome has to offer. On her escapade she meets an expat reporter, Joe Bradley, who shows her the sights of the city on his trusty Vespa. This 1950’s film is sure to touch your hearts and make you fall in love with Rome all over again. 

Room with a View

Taking you back into the early 20th century, this movie is about a young English girl, Lucy, who is visiting Florence with cousin and a chaperon. There she meets George Emerson, an eccentric man that makes space in our heroine’s heart. The already engaged Lucy is confused wondering what she should do, keep up her engagement or elope with her new beau. If you loved Jane Austin, you’ll surely enjoy this film. What’s more, it shows you the famed city of Florence, which is a sight to see and a hundred years back, was even more grandiose. 

Call Me by Your Name

It’s just another summer spent playing the piano and having fun with friends when Elio meets Oliver, a graduate student come to work with her father, an academic. Their young hearts soon find themselves connecting and love between them blossoms, one that’ll change them forever. This movie is shot in Crema, a town in Lombardy and gives you glimpses to the nearby Franciacorta, a town that offer wine tasting tours and more. This film is sure to get you restless for Italy.

Final Words

These movies show you the great sights Italy has to offer. Experience the beaches and exquisite architecture through these movies and all you need is a good cable connection. Wow cable packages are affordable and their connection reliable and with a huge on-demand library, it’s the perfect companion for a movie marathon. So, go ahead and explore a whole new country!

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