What if the Car Engine Won’t Start?

Every car owner, be it experienced drivers with years of experience or a beginner, eventually has to face the engine’s starting problem. This problem becomes much more intense in winters and rainy season or when the drivers become too confident and stop checking under the hood, thinking everything is in perfect condition. However, whenever a breakdown is detected, you immediately have to contact car repair at home in Hyderabad. Nowadays, there are many so-called mobile technical assistance companies whose professional mechanics can drive up to the site to help stranded car owners by starting their car engines. 

Any car, if it is in perfect condition, must start in any weather. For making this happen, the car owners should prepare its battery for winters by filling the battery with distilled water upto the required density, engine oil in the engine box, and a working generator and starter. To start a car engine in winter while avoiding negative impact on engine resources, the following tips can help: 

Prepare the battery

Often such a problem arises when a car battery becomes unable to start the car engine in the cold. In such cases, experienced car owners are advised to warm up the battery before starting the car engine. You can do this by turning on the high beam and waiting for 30 seconds. This small process will avoid heavy load on the battery and also increase its service life. On average, the life of a battery is about three years. In addition, we do not recommend buying a large capacity battery, as your generator may not cope with such massive batteries for which it was not devised.


At the moment of starting the car engine, depress the clutch. This will make it easier for the starter to start the engine and eliminate the need to turn the gearbox shafts together. When the engine gets seized, wait about a minute and release the clutch.


In cold weather, turning the car keys in the right way also becomes important. The best method is to insert the keys into the lock, turn it until the dashboard light’s up, and then wait for a few seconds. Nowadays, modern cars come equipped with onboard electronics that regulate the fuel supply. When the owner turns the key, the fuel pump will supply the required amount of fuel to the engine. Then rotate the key and start the engine.


Never turn the starter and wait for more than twenty seconds. This can have a severe effect, and in some cases, can kill the starter. The best method is to try a few short runs. If the car refuses to start, it’s better not to wait and book car service online in Hyderabad right away.

Do not jam abruptly

In cold weather, short trips are especially damaging. If it becomes necessary to slightly change the vehicle position, the best possible way will be to manually push it. In cases where it becomes absolutely necessary to start the car, let the car engine get warm-up and start moving. 

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