What Time of Day Should You Send SMS Marketing Messages?

Did you know that 71% of people check their phones as soon as they get out of bed? Sixty-six percent of people use their phones when they sleep.

The typical person checks it up to 160 times a day, or once every nine minutes.

We don’t want to continually be harassed with SMS marketing messages, especially when they are from our favorite businesses, despite the fact that we are always on our phones.

There is no ideal moment to send marketing text messages, but there are periods when you can reach your audience, boost engagement, and minimize the likelihood of annoying them.


Generally speaking, you should communicate with customers when they are more likely awake and attentive. This typically occurs between 10 am and 8 pm. After 8 o’clock, you’re up against nighttime pursuits like primetime television, internet browsing, and lifestyle pursuits. The most common time for SMS marketing is at noon, which corresponds with the standard lunch hour.

Additionally, you might find it beneficial to send SMS messages during odd hours like 11:33 a.m. or 2:38 p.m. On the hour or half-hour, the majority of SMS messages are sent. Breaking this trend can make you stand out and attract the attention of your audience. To find out if this tactic works for you, conduct A/B tests.


Give your customers enough notice to participate if you are conducting a weekend deal or promotion. It’s a good idea to let your consumers know what’s going on this weekend on Thursday so they can start making arrangements.

Sending SMS reminders is also an excellent idea on the morning of your event, especially on Saturdays. Sundays are often the least popular day for SMS messages because families are expected to spend the day together without brand disruptions.


Customers are more receptive to messages on paydays because they are getting a serotonin surge from receiving payment for their labour. In fact, buyers who have recently received payment are three times more likely to purchase goods they think will enhance their quality of life. They grow more cautious with money the closer payday gets.

Depending on your target audience, your goal, and the kind of message you’re sending, you may determine the optimal time to send SMS marketing messages. Numerous additional elements, such as cultural standards and special occasions, must also be taken into account.