Why Suppliers Won’t Let You Inspect Their Work?

Do you know why a supplier refuses inspection in China? It is because they are afraid of getting discovered. Why do they have to be so secretive? Why can’t they just show their work and let us help them improve it if there are problems? One big reason is the fear of being caught for producing shoddy work. Suppliers don’t want their clients inspecting and discovering that they have been churning out substandard products all this time, so they refuse inspection instead of letting you help them improve their work.

It is a Scam

Sellers are in a position of power, so it’s likely to avoid quality inspections in China , they will refuse to have you inspect their work. And yes, this is a scam. Sellers know that by making you wait for them to build your product, you are more likely to order a less expensive version. Why would they want someone coming around and looking at what they’re doing and delaying their production? This makes no sense!

Mix of cultural norms and fear 

Another reason is the culture of secrecy in China. Why? The answer is a mix of cultural norms and fear that they will get caught for producing substandard products. Chinese people are generally secretive, even when it comes to international trade partners like us foreigners who want to invest or partner with them on projects inside their country. That’s why they refuse inspection: They don’t want anyone else looking at their work, much less those pesky foreigners!

The products are not ready or are not up to specifications

The supplier will try to make up excuses before the supplier audit such as, “We are not ready for you yet”. This is because they have not met your quality standards. Why would they want a competitor to come in and watch what they’re doing or be around when the factory floor construction isn’t done? If you are in a rush, then the supplier should be too. Why would they want to take time out of their production line for your inspection?

What’s more likely is that the factory doesn’t have what it takes to produce a quality product and they’re trying to make up an excuse as to why you can’t come to see how things work at their company. If this were true there wouldn’t be any other reason for them not allowing customers or anyone else into the factories.

The client may need modifications

Many suppliers in China refuse to let their clients inspect the finished product since they know that it’s not going to be perfect. They know that you will be dissatisfied once you’ve seen the production facility for yourself and made all of the modifications in order to make it look better. This, in turn, will cost them time and money which is why they don’t want you to see how the facility works.

Let’s Wrap Up:

So, before ordering from China we recommend doing some research on who will build your products so that you know exactly where all those parts are coming from – because if something goes wrong with one part of your order, chances are good it’ll also affect the rest of the order. You can avoid this headache by just ordering products from a company that will allow you to inspect their work by some good quality control services company.

It’s hard to make a decision on who to trust when choosing a supplier because many of them refuse requests for inspections. You should find out what type of experience other people have had with various suppliers before deciding which one is right for your company.